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Hello to all
I am Manjot Singh , a simple sikh guy who is fond of reading and writing. I can write on various topics but my main focus is on politics , education , sports , technology , new ideas
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An article about a business venture combined with religion. Confused? Read to find more...
Some things about God and religion. The things which are coming in the mainstream but it should not. Think after reading and also tell your views.
Today is my mother`s birthday and would like to thank her for all she has given to me . It is a minimum effort which I can do on my part . I would like that all readers to read and think upon this article and also comment their views .
Chapparchiri Burj , famously known as Fateh Burj is located in Chapparchiri ( a village in Mohali ) . Through this article , I would like to give a brief insight about the Fateh Burj and its historical connection . The victory of justness over might . A famous battle involving exempla...
This article is just an opinion on freedom by me . If you gain any thing good from this , I will consider I have done great . Please give your views and help me to discover my thoughts more . Thanks .
It is just a story about shoes . It`s journey of lows and highs of its life .
The page tells us about a part of life and how to enjoy it.
The article is a viewpoint on religion.The religious aspects of today and how it can be a savior to our society.
An unforgettable cricket match of the century played between two local forces which are from the battlefield of Punjab.
A small article about my views to remain happy and be cheerful and not complain.
As we all know about the drug menace in India especially Punjab . Here are some views and realities of this problems. There are also control measures which can be adopted to stop the spreading of this problem.Hope it reach the masses.
The article is about Hockey - its present situation and ways for the improvement of the game . Hope you all like it and please comment your views .
It involves the views about our country , religion , farming , women support etc. Please give your views.
The story is about that our view about life should be thankful. We should always try to be happy and spread the happiness . We should not always complain.
My page is dedicated to various topics , ideas which crept in my mind in which I have got my viewpoint . Issues which I think should be looked upon. So , if you like my content please feel free to contact . It would be very grateful and criticizing and pointing out my mistakes would b...
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