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Joyce, (a.k.a. Quoiky) is a 'seasoned' writer {only in the sense of age} She is a wife, mother, grandmother & usually writes about real life & funny experiences, but also enjoys writing fiction.
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Recent pages by Quoiky

Everybody has secrets, some big, some small and these secrets can surface at any inappropriate time.
A Christmas poem about the numerous things a person should remember during the Christmas season.
A person can never really know what motivates another person, unless he has shared the same experience.
Time passes so very fast. It seems like I wrote this just yesterday for my son's 21st. birthday.
Christmas seems to be more and more commercialized. Christmas decorations will start to appear before Labor Day. Coming soon to a store near you
Every family has at least one, and everyone at one time or another has been the target of... 'The Gossip'.
Death is always hard to deal with, especially if it's someone you truely love. This is a tribute to our Mother...All nine of us still love her deeply.
Aging into my mother and wearing the 'mask' of many different people and personalities.
Being present when a parent is dying is one of the hardest things a person will ever do.
A poem of a working mother who would much rather be home in a more domestic role.
An index of the many plants and trees in our yard along with what, who, and/or why there is an emotional attachment.
A reminder poem to all workers that even though WE may not agree with the customer, the customer is ALWAYS right.
A little poem about the reaction of a writer to complainers of the annual Christmas Card newsletter.
This is a short poem about a vain man whose body will slowly, but definately age... no matter what.
A short poem about two people, once deeply in love who have, for whatever reason, drifted to different paths and are now seeking divorce.
A poem about a poor, homeless man who loved his daughter, but died without being able to say goodbye, and the greedy family members who refused the daughter her time to mourn her father.
A poem about the world as seen through an aging person's eyes and the actual changes that have affected everything.
A short poem about spent childhood and re-capturing it in your children.
A short funny poem about being pregnant, with the experiences and thoughts of gaining weight.
This short story is my advice to my niece on the birth of her daughter.
These are letters about everyday life written to my deceased mother.
This is about summer ending and the new school year beginning.
This is about a well loved home that has seen better days.
This is a poem about a person with the beginning symptoms of Dementia/Alzheimer's.
This is about everyday life on a farm with three grand kids.
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