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My interests focus on Social Issues, Science (including Green Technology), Books, and Money Saving.
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Recent pages by Infonymph

You want it to stop? Take it to court. Here's how to start the process.
This article takes a look at the meaning of harassment, laws governing it, and how it pertains to bullying.
You're afraid to risk the consequences of doing the right thing...well, there's plenty to fear if you don't!
Are you a "bully bitch"? What is it and are you allowing yourself to be one? Find out here.
Bullying isn't something a child has to go through, it's a crime!
"Right from the beginning, I felt different from other people. I guess other people thought so too..."
Why we can’t afford to be isolated from help for ourselves or others.
What kind of say do your friends and family have in what you post on your Facebook page?
You called in your prescription and you’ve been told you need to make an appointment first.
Do you really think you're going to get paid just because they said you would? Don't bet on it.
Do you shop online? Do you use a barcode app for your mobile phone? Do you recycle? Why not? - You could save tons of money this Christmas!!
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