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Interested in science , philosophy, health and wellness, longevity, community and the arts.
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Recent pages by envisage

Keep Moving Forward. Self Improvement yields the greatest of rewards. All else falls to the wayside, next to the value of knowing thyself. We are capable of giving only that which we possess. Creating Value opens the door to Value Reflection which opens the door to a better more.
Purpose,Choice and Momentum. What it takes to make measurable progress. What it takes to manifest your dreams. Thoughts on the ingredients of achievement.
Getting from the convenience of availability to the reward of healthy activity. Ask better questions and define whats really at hand. Better choices are more frequently achieved when purpose and enjoyment are in the plans.
Poetic theories and concepts on coaching, time management and money.
Thoughts, Theories and Ideas on Exponential Development. Critical Decisions. Life Choices and the value of life.
Shocking Realities and Remiders of all the reasons that I once had left the tribe. Strengthening confictions, critical mass. Some walls are not worth the climb. Moving on.
Meaning gets lost in translation. Value gets put away for later. Awareness is often overlooked. Movement is at times not even considered. Simplest is often the solution. Stirring keeps the flavor full.
Thoughts on Life and Death. A few moments of the last few moments of a Great Man.
A story about a boy on an unauthorized biking adventure. Learns some early life lessons
Busy we may be. Moving we may not be. Whats it like when we sit for too long? Whats it like when were moving again?
When your alive, there is time. When your awake there is time. When everything is energy what choices will you make when goodbye is still an option.
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