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I write to speak for the truth, let the world see my view, and make everyone hear of what has to be heard. My writings are my weapons and my sole voice.
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One of the oldest towns located in the South of Cebu. A beautiful historical place that has become a tourist spot in the present.
In the latter days of April I arrived from Thailand with a terrible skin tone and allergic reactions. It was the only time I experienced terrible pimples on my mandible area. I had large pores on my nose and complained so much of itchiness and pain.
How to get rid of chubby cheeks? Simple and easy! First, you need to generally lose weight. That means cut down some unnecessary foods from your diet and enjoy exercises appropriate for you. Then you need to start your facial exercises which you have to do every day for a good result....
Looking for the best ways to have the gorgeous abs you've ever wanted? Find it here. Take time to read and apply.
I am knocking your doors to reintroduce myself to you. Please handle me with care.
Introducing the King and Queen of Sagada, Mountain Province. Here are the stone shapes that will amaze with their natural beauties.
This entails a short visit toward entering the world of PWDs and embracing them with a smile.
A new stunning resort and spa in Mactan that would capture you any time.
A practical guide to an effective and efficient home management.
An inspirational true short story of someone I say significant in my life.
One short confession-sharing from a young-blood writer.
A must read article to enhance the moral conscience of every individual especially the youth.
Height is being given too much attention. Series of scientific researches and many herbal products, drugs, exercises, and programs are being developed and endorsed to reach the maximum height. People ask the secret of being tall. Advertisements that boost growth in a person usually us...
Do you wanna attain those sexy legs to show off the beach, but have no time for gym and money for equipments? Make it simple and convenient. Be an "eye catcher" and start now.
A script that could have earned a million in selling copies had ruined the lives of many. It was simple and intriguing, but wicked and terrifying to most people.
A continuation of the story, "A Script of a Traitor" integrated with a moral lesson. Read and learn.
An article to bring awareness to the society that there are a lot more individuals in need of our guidance and helping hands.
Does Wikinut make you happy? In what way? Here is a short review to share about the Wikinut making me happy.
In the middle of the crisis the economies are facing right now, what possessions do you still have that you can trade for money?
An analogy of life among sunrise, sunset, darkness, and light. Everything speaks of the people's common view of life.
A conflict of love among three friends with a married guy, and a guy and lady in a relationship. They made a bizarre love triangle. Witness how in a single day, everything had changed.
A working environment is one imperative feature to deem by the boss and the rest of the employees. A harmonious relationship among the workers is very essential. But in this story you will learn how to keep distance and save your trust.
What kind of addiction are you in? Basically, various addictions are seen everywhere. Various levels also define them. However, this query of which is more addictive between sex and drugs are going to highlight some points of addiction.
Here is an article for a quick and easy tips to help you slim down. Take it from a nurse and a health watcher. This is an experience to share.
An introduction to the newly elected Philippines president's way of combat to corruption.
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