Rebecca Fletcher

Rebecca Fletcher
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I am a mother of three children, and three step-children. I have been writing poetry since I was twelve years old. I live in a little hick town called Mount Olive.In Illinois.
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You don't understand how I feel, I want to feel better,I want to feel the way I use to feel before I got sick. You don't understand what it's like to be sick every time you eat. You don't understand how I feel at all, it even seems like you don't care. I guess you just don't understan...
Be yourself, who cares what others think? Please listen to me. I always worried what other people thought, I thought I always had to fit in. Now look at me, I'm anorexic. Dress the way you want, nor the way someone else wants you to. Who cares what others thinks? Be yourself, don't a...
Alone I face my darkest hour, alone without my sanity, who needs that in this place anymore? Alone I face the world's searing eyes, that blind me if I don't protect and build a wall to keep me safe always, a wall I'm trapped behind again.
These are just some poems I'VE have written through life experiances
Why was it so hard for you to see, all we wanted was you to love us. no matter what we did we were in the wrong. Yes, you did thins such as girl scouts and school outings. But when we we're home alone with you as long as we're out of your sight we're okay. But if you we're around tha...
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