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Arthur Allen
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I am an aspiring to be published author. I had written two short love stories already. I love writing, reading and blogging.:) I love the internet world!

I also write in ExpertsColumn.::))
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Campus journalism has been continuously the loudest voice of the students within school. It gives opportunities for those who are willing to get improved in writing, and it provides space for the announcements of the current trends inside the school through the product of continuous t...
Besides from the most awaited event for the most viewed sport in world, FIFA World Cup that was recently concluded last July which brought glory to the champion team, Germany, another much anticipated event in the field of sport, basketball, is now nearing and is now bringing excited ...
Meet the Spanish squad who will fight against other teams in 2014 FIBA World Cup.
Meet the Lithuanian squad that will clash against the other teams in 2014 FIBA World Cup.
Meet the new football prodigy who shook the world with his record of transfer fee.
Choosing where you belong is important. What you choose, determines who you are!
Meet the Argentine Squad who will clash with the other countries in FIBA World Cup.
Meet the American squad that will join the struggle to become number one in 2014 FIBA World Cup.
Which type do you belong? Be informed and let's find out.
A fairy animation that every child would love to watch and do not want to miss. It's a story of prodigality.
This a story that you do not want to miss. It shows something important deeply in your heart
Can you still love the person who made your life lonely? How can you wait for someone whom do you think not worth waiting for because you know that she/he will impossible to come.
It is known to us that noodles had been considered as a cancerous food if you eat too much of it. Noodles are almost always present in our table.
It was my first love story I had written. I was inspired to become a writer because I really want to show waht the world I have. Hopefully you´ll like it.
Many of us considered the subject Physics as one of the subjects that tires our neurons. I always hear my students saying “OMG, Physics again..” which really shows their hatred about this subject.
Football is considered as the most viewed sports all over the world. With the audience of more than billion people around the hundred countries all over the world, football is one of the most popular sports. That is why there are also many young football players want to become profess...
Why do we have to read? “Reading is the greatest past time”. Do you believe in the statement? Me? I do!
Writer has indeed the widest manipulated world among other people. Whatever they think of kinds of world as long as the extent of his imagination reaches it, they own that world. He is the one who decides what will be the design of his world. It may be either in order or in disorder, ...
How high is the chance for Brazil national football team to bag home the title?
The chase for being the number one in the world is now tiling on. But before that, let's find out the team squad of the current no. 1 team in football world----Spain.
How did Sir Albert become himself? Let us know how was his life.
How many states of matter do you know? three? four? or five? well, i guess that is somewhat obsolete for now. Find out the other state of matter.
With the nearing of the most awaited event in Football competitition, the FIFA WORLD CUP 2014, we will look into the the team of the considered number one player in the world, Leonil Messi, the Argentina as they aim for the title this year's World Cup.
It is some of the remarkable events in the history of Football World Cup. Have you already known these facts?
Becoming a famous author is not that easy. Hard work and struggles are inevitable in the way. Let us know how did Dan Brown become the one of the most influential authors in the world.
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