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I've just obtained my Bachelor of Honours in Literature. I would like to focus more on my writing skills, as I have been having my works published since 1990. These include, poems and stories.
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Suddenly the room door burst open as students came out. She waited patiently until every one of them had left the room. She then got up and straightened her dress and tapped the door gently.
‘Andrea’, she said to herself, ‘get a grip on yourself – this is the big moment you’ve waited for, all these years, and now, finally...’
’Andrea; are you alright, dear? ’ She gave a sign , walked around the table to Andrea and placed both her hands over hers. In an instant, tears ran down her eyes.
"Ooh! take the baby. It’s just a plastic Cindy doll anyway, baby, baby, baby!"
“Well, where are my files! Who’s taken them?” A young man who was new at the office appeared and replied, “I borrowed them Mr Gray, sorry.”
"Sir, this is the song of my love for you and nature!"
“So where’s uncle these days?” It was Alan’s one and only mistake. A slip of the tongue. She began to cry.
“Somebody must be walking over your grave. Can you guess when this house was built, Alan?
A children's story for the festive season of Christmas.
“Uncle Jack, what was that loud noise?” He moved aside to unveil his latest invention. “Ta DA!!”
Alpha five and Beta 9, a young male and a young female, had been romancing one another for quite sometime now; not on earth, but on the moon.
“’re dead, Paul. I j..just put my hand on your back and it went right through you!” Suddenly the phone rang and he got hold of the receiver.
“Please make yourself fomfortable.” Said Robin, getting more anxious. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I meant comfortable, not fomfortable. Hah haa…haa haa haa.”
"I’m so sorry, love, I looked everywhere you told me to. I even looked under the Humpty Dumpty Jigsaw but there was nothing there. Only your view master with the slideshow of "The people that time forgot".
“The pocket book of bird songs” She said out aloud. “Oh, you really shouldn’t have.”
“Oh my goodness. It seems to be a diary of a different sort altogether.”
A short exotic romantic love story with a happy beginning…
Richard sat slumped on his living room sofa by the t.v, hoping that his favourite serial, 'Crossroads' would help to distract him from his toothache.
"Fiona, it"s time for you to return back into the sea, where you belong.' Said the young lady.
“Tell me, how long has this been going on and how often?”“Well, it started nine months back, and he does it every, ooh let’s say, every three to five days”.
“Mike. I think you’re indirectly challenging me with your rhyming way with words, so I’ve decided to hold a contest.
Wendy Doper was up to her neck with her long haired lazy husband, Steve Doper.
Mr Plato snapped his fingers and the waitress took his order. “I’ll have a glass of white wine please. Thank you."
"Oh please do not mind him. His name is Coomah and he is a resident of this forest. He has been helping us in our resort from infancy. Some cruel poachers attacked his parents, so we adopted him. Even now, he is afraid of humans."
“Peter, don’t do this to me. You’re making me upset. Please get up and join in the game. Just take a look at what you’re missing.” And as Mr Miles turned to face the class, he got a surprise. All the students had left the pool and formed a chain, holding hands.
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