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I am a Junior accounting Clerk. My computer skills are Microsoft office, quick books etc. My other skills are tying, preparing invoices, statements, financial statements etc.
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example: apples fall from a tree buzzing sounds of a bumble bee
A poem about light not only the things that create light but also the light within you.
This story is about a young lady struggling through life with her family. Her aunt tries to ruin her life, so far she has succeeded, but Janelle is trying her very best to be strong and with the help of her friends to take her mind of things to make her laugh and have a good time. Her...
This story is about a gril that doesn't like her life she's living, but as she grows older she becomes wiser and stand up for herself.
Tis the season to be jolly. Its the most wonderful time of the year.
A flower that brings peace and joy to anyone that sees it.
A four way poem. One about rain the other Mr, the last a lady from the city and love.
This is about the teens in this generation that are getting pregnant so often.
This is about someone who loves eating sweet and hate brushing their teeth.They have never been to the dentist and now there teeth is ruin.
My love song about seeing someone and fall madly in love
this is about love and affection. Affairs of the heart.
A girl who thought her relationship was going well, but little did she know she was been cheated on
Living your life and having an adventure. Having the time of your life
This is about what values more in your life an Education or Money.
The knowledge of romance that makes us whole. Its a thing that takes its time to develop.
Been home alone on a stormy night. The family was out and your facing this weather on your own.
The light that shines so bright. The source of energy of all things.
Two best friends were torn apart because of being popular
female rappers hating on each other instead of coming together to make the rap world for women a better place.
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