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Working and talking about families and relationships is my passion. Families are the foundation of who we really are.
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Adolescent preganancies are increasing by day. The risks involved are more than in adult pregnancies
Today's grandparents are far much younger, have more education and are more healthier than their forerunners. They are also more involved in their grandchildren's well being than before.
Different reasons bring couples to divorce and since divorce has been widely accepted, small things that could otherwise be tolerated make partners think of divorce.
It is okay for couples to fight as long as they learn how to fight fairly. The good news is that hate can be avoided.
Different people relate with their siblings differently. Some are close while other are distant. Certain situations bring siblings closer.
Critical thinking requires logical skills: reasoning, problem solving, creativity and curiosity.
After a long hard day, our bodies need to rest and sleep inorder to repair cells and strengthen the immune system.
Infants all over the world use attachment figures as secure bases for exploration. They need parents to survive but also need to venture into the environment to learn.
Many of sex offenders are known to the victim. they work, live or walk with them. Others of course are strangers
Men become abusers to their partners because of loss of power and control in their outside world. Women put up with abuse because of fear, cultural norms, economic dependence and low self esteem.
Menopause is a precess that all women go through. Different cultures experience and view it the systems differently. Some view it positvely and others negatively.
Many couples start off with alot of sexual intimacy in the first years of marriage. Somewhere along the way, the frequency starts to get low. Although, this is not the case in every couple, majority report its occurence.
The aged population face different challenges as they grow older. many of them are seen as incompetents while others negatively stereotyped
People try to find meaning and purpose in their lives by connecting with specific religious or spiritual traditions.
Giving and receiving love enables people to fulfil their needs for nurturance, creativity and self revelation.
A family crisis is a turning point in the course of family living that requires members to change how they have been thinking and acting.
Family life has seriously been affected by the current econonmic, social and political shakedown. However, it is not hopeless for families are still surviving in the midst of all this.
Tradionally, women were known to be the home makers while their husbands went out to earn for the upkeep of the family. In these modern times, women have taken up jobs and careers, making it necessary for their husbands to help with house work and child care.
When a couple lacks shared goals and interest, that relationship is headed for the rocks. Couples need to learn how to accomodate and compromise with each other's differences inorder to develop a good relationship.
Compatibility in a relationship is of most importance. If each partner have their own way and interests, most likely that realtionship will not last or will be strained. So shared interests and goals keep a relationship in healthy state.
Every relationship is guided by one or two of the three blueprints that are found in any realtionship. They are viewed differently by people depending on where we grew up and the culture that was around us.
Heterogamy is marrying someone who is from different class, faith, race, education, age and many other aspects of life. Here are the main aspects of heterogamy and their effects on marriage.
When couples have poor communication skills, there is a danger of their relationship being fragile and prone to break. Communication is the most important component in a realtionship.
Many people think that love strikes like a Cupid's arrow out of nowhere. What are the benefits and drwbacks of this popular view/
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