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vaishnavi satrasala
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I am an engineering student from Electronics and communication Department.I love to share whatever comes in my mind.And this is how I am sharing.....through writing :)
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Here is a tutorial which teaches you to make an easy and amazing earrings or commonly known as jumkhas.
Fear,tension,anxiety,fast heart beat............ arouse in an individual while on stage.Here is one of my experience on it.
Here is a simple , easy and amazing Christmas wreath that you can try.
Interview means 3 P's.You need to practice , you need to prepare and you need to perform well on the day of interview. So, Here are some simple tips that you can try.Tips are divided based on three categories.
Summer is back.Here are some cool and interesting things that you can try for this hot summer
Here is a easy and creative craft project that provides you with a cool way to display your favorite photos.
What is shyness?How to overcome it ?It's merely a feeling which reduces your chances of success..............
I'm a big lover of carnatic music.Due to some reason i couldn't complete them.Here is my story............
Do you feel some one (a super power)helping you in need?Do you ever wonder to know about it ?
Feeling bored.....?? Would like to do some interesting paper crafts.....?? Here is how to make a basket from recycled news papers.I saw this in a video and thought of sharing it.
Criticism is the common problem being faced by so many people.But you won't ever bother about it if you know the positive impact of it.Here we go...............
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