Candace Harding

Candace Harding
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I write because I love to. I allow my pen to follow my heart in the creative process. This is my art…
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Just like in Biblical times, we are all faced with Goliath sized problems. The answer may be having the faith to channel your inner David.
This is a poem regarding music’s never ending ability to satisfy.
A bit of Valentine's Day humor in the form of a poem. Also, a tip for you men, if a woman only wants you to spend look for another, save your hard earned cash and buy something for your mother.
Looking for some winter family fun in upstate New York? Check out Inlet’s Frozen Fire and Lights Festival the last Saturday in February!
In love and life, finding that special connection with someone is what most of us are striving for, unfortunately, what you have in common and where you come from can pale in comparison to who you come from.
“I am Smiling” is a poem about happiness creeping back in.
A flash fiction story that makes you wonder, if you had the power to change people for the better, would you?
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