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Welcome to the world of NorDac.

I write about quite a few topics although a subject that I seem to never tire of talking about is website SEO. I've spent over 10 years promoting client sites as well as a few of my own and often write about some of the more successful methods I use.

But life isn't always about work! I also write about places I've traveled to and automotive subjects. In time you're likely to find articles covering various areas I've been around Northern California, Hawaii, and the Dominican Republic.
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Recent pages by NorDac

Quincy California is nestled in the Serra Nevada Mountains and is an ideal location to plan your next outdoor family vacation.
Getting the most out of your exercise means first choosing the right shoe. Poor quality shoes can cause shin splints, sore feet, and legs and a sore back.
Two of the chemicals usually found in store bought soaps and shampoo are known to cause skin problems. Natural soaps are free of harsh chemicals and able to help nourish the skin instead of dry it out.
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