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I have been involved in writing since earning my M.A. in English/Creative Writing over 20 years ago. Most of my work, though, has been in the classroom, helping others better their writing.
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There are times when we cannot hold our lovers or express the way we truly feel because they have been called away or we have become involved in a long-distance relationship. Hence, we struggle to find the right words. The following poems fits that scenario.
This essay is in response to Wogiam’s piece, “I am Falling in Love With Life Again,” published in June 2015. This is a wonderful article that explains what Wogiam went through during one of the trials that we all face at some time or another -- especially during the current cli...
Flexibility in the work place can be a very complex issue; that is, if either company leaders or employees make it so by having heated opinions and attitudes about what is needed and what is done or not done to meet employee needs. In order to avoid problems, many leaders are now atte...
The segment of the food industry that hires the most employees is the location or place where most Americans enjoy spending their time -- the restaurant. According to Statista (2015), the number employed is over three million, and this is just in the fast food places alone. Before you...
While reading an article in the L.A. Times about the Hollywood Stars preferring flipping houses to waiting tables to earn extra cash, I was taken aback. And then I asked myself the question, do the upper classes -- and we have to assume actresses and actors fit in this slot considerin...
Football is America’s top sport. It earns millions, perhaps billions of dollars each year. Young boys begin to play the sport at an early age and grow up with dreams of making it into the NFL. Fans spend millions on not only going to the games but on their team’s memorabilia. One ...
The young couple has stopped at a diner to share lunch after having a busy morning of car work completed. Sometimes, though, when one isn’t paying attention, attraction and emotions develop.
Many of us became familiar with Anne Rice in the mid-1970s when her novel, Interview with the Vampire, was published. This novel was written in 1973, when Rice was a graduate student, and not published until 1976. From this novel, several other novels concerning the main character ca...
Jay has made it out of the house where he has been held captive and where Rick and Paul are awaiting his return. Jay makes it home and tells his parents part of the story of where he has been all night.
When anyone passes away, it is truly a sad time. It is truly a shame, though, when someone who shows unbelievable talent is not given the opportunity to showcase that talent countrywide while the person is still young. In November 2014, the music world lost a very talented soul, Blues...
We hear so many people say that we can accomplish anything as long as we believe in ourselves and remain positive. This is wonderful advice, but following this belief is not always an east task. Besides self-confidence and a positive outlook, there are four other necessary attributes ...
The main character finds herself in a position where the man she has tried to avoid now is making all the decisions as to how they spend their time. She decides to question him on his need to always be in control.
We are still listening to the adults partying one floor up from where the boys are still being held captive. Rick, one of the youngest boys, shows his ingenuity in attempting to get him and the other boys out of the basement. There is reason to be hopeful.
Our main character has accepted a ride home with the man who refuses to leave her side. She will have to be alone with him in the black night as he attempts to get her home
Our main character is still stuck on the prison grounds since her car is stubbornly refusing to start. The one plus is the male character is making some ground.
Our main character thinks she is on her way home, after she happily says goodbye to the companion she has been trying to get away from. But not all works out, as she has wanted.
After waiting to be released from the holding (waiting) room, the main character relishes her freedom from the institution, but still hasn’t been granted her freedom from the lawyer who insists on staying by her side.
The main female character in this setting is finished working for the day. All she wants to do is leave this place and go home. The problem, though, is the place has so much security, one cannot just simply walk out. While waiting for permission to leave, the main character, the only ...
Being a woman and teaching in an all-male penal institution can have its challenges. Each person has her own way of coping with what she encounters while inside. The main character will tell her story of how she copes.
Creativity starts at an early age and if that creativity is not made fun of or is forced to be hidden away, the creative person can blossom into a fine artist.
The boys are still being held captive in their cages. They haven't lost hope yet and have an idea that may help them escape.
The following two poems, "My Father" and "Christmas Used to Mean," were mentioned in my piece, “My Beginnings.”
The experiences at the beginning of each person’s life can have a tremendous impact on who that person becomes. I truly believe that my humble beginnings did indeed mold me into the writer I have become.
The boys are being held captive in separate cages in the basement of the mansion that initially captivated them. The boys have no idea how they will get out of this situation and the person holding them captive seems to want more than just keeping them in their cages.
Assistance dogs, as family members, help their owners through physical activity and socialization. These dogs can help the owner find peace through a disability.
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