Charlie Kuchinsky

Charlie Kuchinsky
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As a freelance writer I have authored columns for newsletters, newspapers and magazines as well as online sites. Now I concentrate on writing short stories, poetry and books.
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Recent pages by Charlie Kuchinsky

The snow can illicit such feelings of wonder but what happens when those turn dark? Sometimes something ugly lurks inside of beauty.
Some people do not believe in fate, but what if it really does exist? Will it find a way to make things happen as they should or is everything done on nothing more than a whim?
What happens when a dream is more than a dream? It may become the stuff of legendary nightmares.
This is a fictional story about a house of horror.
This is a science fiction short story with very human components.
All writers get blocked from time to time. This short story takes the process to a new extreme.
The battle for the souls of mankind rages on, but one is left to wonder just what form the war actually takes. This is one writer's take on the subject.
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