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I love writing as much as I love eating. :) I consider it as mandatory as having a cool drink and beauty rest. Anything involving creativity will surely be covered by what I write.
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Tick-tock. Your wall clock chimes in with your keyboard tapping. All eyes on the desktop screen. You're wide awake and it's past your bed time. I know, I can't blame you. Surfing the net feels so rewarding and worth-indulging in sometimes.
Your back aches. Your head hurts. You are throwing tantrums all over the place. Relax, friend. You are reading the right article. Read on and I'll share something worth forgetting your achy aches for. :)
Everyday, you wonder what type of clothes will you wear. Confused? Why not read on and tell me your opinion regarding this simple fashion tip that might actually save your look.
The word controlling has diverse applications. From eating habits to freedom concerns, you can see that word being involved. This time, however, I was asked to do a writing on how I perceive and apply control in my daily life as a student.
Are you planning to get a subscription plan thinking that you might get a lot of freebies and save more? That's what I first thought. They do offer great deals but there's something you would want to know. Read my letter. It might make you think again before grabbing that plan.
I was scanning through my old files, when I found a long lost masterpiece of mine. Just kidding :) However, I do consider my writing a valuable possession.
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