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Steve Bush
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Steve Bush is a business finance consultant and writer. He served in the military as an officer in the U.S. Navy Supply Corps. Bush obtained an MBA at the University of California, Los Angeles.
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Many individuals and businesses experience a failure to communicate, collaborate and negotiate on a regular basis. Here are some thoughts about how to fix this recurring problem.
Do you know what an intrapreneur is? This article discusses intrapreneurs, intrapreneurship programs and how they can help to improve business innovation.
The need for transitioning from one career to another is impacting an increasing percentage of individuals. While a career transition from the military to civilian life is a stellar example, individuals in all walks of life should be prepared to face unexpected career changes before t...
An overview about the value of writing business proposals — especially helpful for small business owners seeking to generate new business opportunities and increase sales revenues.
When choosing a career, pay attention to jobs at risk of being eliminated by technology. Do you know which careers have the highest and lowest probability of elimination?
Do you know why portable careers can make relocating much easier? Here are five examples of careers that are portable — you can take them with you wherever you go.
The role of a county political chairwoman or chairman is often misunderstood. Regardless of location, key duties include fundraising, acting as local party spokesperson, allocating financial resources and recruiting candidates.
Part-time jobs are often available when full-time work opportunities are in short supply. You should regularly update your own list of candidates for a “Top 10” list.
NFL mascot salaries start at $23,000 for a professional football season that usually extends from August to December — and a few weeks longer with playoffs and the Super Bowl. Many fans would argue that the National Football League woefully underpays both mascots and cheerleaders.
An increasing number of job possibilities involve working alone. If you have a virtual office or operate as a work at home parent, do not overlook the potential negatives — most of them can be eliminated or avoided with prudent planning.
For both individuals and businesses, one of the most delicate working relationships is with your bank and banker. You are likely to be uncomfortable with issues like negotiating and firing your bank — but you will often need to do both.
While banks like to say how innovative they are, very few actually innovate in a way that is helpful to their customers. When will banks get the memo about how important innovation is to their survival?
One of the most effective business development strategies for any company involves writing business proposals — using an unsolicited proposal is particularly recommended.
Consumer spending represents a major portion of the economy in any country. Businesses and individuals often use consumer confidence studies to help plan their expenses and inventory.
Both individuals and small businesses should focus on asking the right questions. The next challenge is finding the right answers.
This article will take a look at how musical parody and satire can help us understand concepts like “Zombie Banks.”
Reducing credit card debt involves several strategies. Credit counseling and expert legal help is usually more practical and less expensive than debt settlement companies.
Before buying gold or any other investment, a due diligence process should be mandatory for prudent investors.
Sheila Bair was head of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) in the period leading up to the recent banking crisis. She tried to warn everyone about developing bank problems.
Consumers and readers face a challenge when looking for help on the internet. Individuals and businesses need to differentiate between fake information and genuine expert help.
Buying a condominium can involve some unusual financing difficulties. Be particularly alert to the condition of the homeowners association (HOA).
In-home health services can help to make you happier and healthier while saving money and avoiding hospitals.
What happens when your doctor operates on the wrong side of your brain? One legal response is medical malpractice.
How affordable are mobile homes? Compared to conventional houses, manufactured homes cost about $200,000 less. How would you invest your savings?
In the immediate aftermath of a traffic accident, do not forget to call a lawyer in addition to law enforcement and your insurance company.
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