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Hunter L. Thompson
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Hunter has been writing since his teens. He is a licensed acupuncturist and works in the health care field. In addition, Hunter has knowledge and skills in network administration.
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Ninjutsu is over 900 years old as a martial art in Japan. Americans have begun to learn this art, their main focus in so doing is self-defense or exercise.
The bo is a 6 foot staff or piece of wood that is used as a weapon. It can be a broom or mop handle that is used when the person needs a quickly improvised weapon.
A hanbo is a "half" bo, or half of the 6 foot stick often used in ninjutsu. It can be a cane or just a stick of approximately a 3 foot length. It is extremely useful for self defense.
Both acupuncture and ninjutsu use the five element model. While there are some differences, in general the concepts of the elements are the same between the two.
Personal choices lock in a specific future. On the other hand, changing the past would create a new future.
Personal growth is often painful. Finding one's way in a changing world can create conflicts and confusion.
Joint pain tends to increase with age. Movement is very important for life and, despite joint pain, must continue. Some options to reduce joint pain are discussed.
Everyone has a certain life force. This is call qi or chi in Chinese medicine. The person's ability to access this life force and make certain it remains strong has a great effect on their health.
Fear of success joins fear of failure in reasons why a person chooses not to take a risk or do something new. How we phrase things gives an insight into our own thought processes as well as a way of looking at the situation. In order to grow human beings need to take risks.
How does a society determine justice in a tragic case? Is justice even possible?
Despite our protests to the contrary, human beings are part of nature. A short time spent observing nature can refresh.
Acupuncture can help an individual create and maintain a sense of balance in his/her life.
How language is used can create a person's individual reality. The main thoughts and ideas being held are one determining factor in how the person lives in the world.
The narrator is learning about his/her own perception of the world and his/her reactions to it. The concept is the the internal reality that a person experiences is not necessarily congruent with external reality.
A birthday party for a friend requires another to step into the limelight against her instincts. Friendship is a burden and glorious at the same time.
There is a distinct difference between those who request help and those who reject it. Coming to terms with our own individual style and that of another is important in maintaining a relationship. The need to evaluate and re-evaluate the other person's requirements is essential to a g...
Days when the snow accumulates are exactly those days when we need to rest and enjoy ourselves the most. These are the times when we can take a moment from our hectic lives to truly look around and become part of nature.
Two cats interacting on a lazy Sunday morning. They assess the habits of humans.
Every human being has a unique potential. How he or she chooses to live their life is a definite determining factor in whether that person reaches his true potential. An exercise for becoming aware of personal potential is included.
Acupuncture can be used with children of any age. Many of the situations that children deal with are rooted in energetic imbalances in their bodies. These imbalances can be addressed in several ways, one of those being acupuncture treatment. Children respond quickly to this type of tr...
Fertility has become a concern for many American couples. There are a number of factors that affect fertility and these factors can be affected by the choices made by the individual.
Acupuncture is one of many alternative medicine treatments. It is relatively new in Western society, however it has been in use for thousands of years in Asia where it is still one of the main types of health care.
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It is easy to argue for our own limitations or lack of abilities in order to prevent any feelings of failure. However, a sense of self-worth is dependent on taking some risks in life and being willing to be oneself is a necessity.
Children can benefit from acupuncture treatment. When a child has some problem, either physical or psychological, acupuncture is one modality that, by working energetically, can assist in re-establishing balance in his or her life.
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