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These stout hearted ladies with their hypnotizing beauty and innocence charms you to fantasy their life. The leads of tales are so admirable they teach us to be honest , daring & loyal. They not only expands the imaginative cells of our mind but also gifts our thoughts a wide open sky...
He was neither a hero to me nor I had any grudges about him.
God has its own mysterious ways of blessing us, attribute like forgiveness is one which humans are blessed with.
It is just a perfect picture for a shutterbug, a perfect painting for an artist, and a perfect melody in the silence for a musician. It’s purely a perfect beauty to a beholder.
Living in a country of contrast culture yet integrated beliefs shows you different meanings of wisdom. Achieving wisdom may have different philosophies in different religions but they all preach a sole object and that is to become wise. Man's desires are unlimited and the chase is nev...
Morning little new than yesterday, sun little less brighter than day before, Breeze cooler than ever before, clouds posing to drizzle, birds chirruping noisily, kids ready with their by-cycles to burn the roads, in the hustle and bustle of surrounding, I could find the only one peacef...
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