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hello guys, i've been away for a while (more like, i've been away for a long time). i was busy so i didn't have a time to write. anyway, here is my comeback, i hope you guys enjoy. ^_^ ps: i wrote this for a special someone, i hope you like it ^_^
hi guys. ^_^ just want to share something. i hope you guys enjoyed. ^_^
just a little advice. ^_^ i hope you'll learn from me. ^_^
hello everyone! ^_^ i am back. the midterms week is finally over. i can start writing again. ^_^. this poem is a dream of mine i had a few days back. but i just wrote it earlier. i hope you guys enjoy. ^_^
this poem is about class i have taken up and still taking here in college. i hope you guys enjoy. ^_^ note: i used the subject that they are teaching as reference their names. note: well, i'm not really sure but for a couple of days, i might not update my pages. our midterms is next...
this is a poem about how i view life. i hope you guys enjoy.
this is a short story i made about a guy and a girl and a dog. sorry, i don't want to spoil it. i hope you guys enjoy. ^_^ note: sorry if some parts are grammatically incorrect. i'm kinda weak in english.
this is a poem i made while i was in school for the person i like. then that night, my crush rejected me. TT^TT to tell you guys the truth, tears are rolling down my cheeks as i am typing this. to know that i made something to express my heart and get rejected before letting me show i...
a poem about me wondering who i really am. i hope you guys enjoy. ^_^
my inspiration for this poem came from an article that i read. the author of that article is adam(adamr i think, i am not sure,sorry). i hope you enjoy. ^_^
this is a poem i wrote about me being a bad person without me knowing it. sigh. i hope you'll like it. ^_^
this is a poem about a life with no music. this are all on my point of view. ^_^
this is a poem i wrote to express my feelings. yes, i know i that you'll think that i am pathetic after reading this. and yes, i took me 6 years before telling her i like her. but i don't care how pathetic i look. all i want is for her to know that she is magnificent in every way. if ...
this is a simple poem i wrote while listening to my friend talk about music.
i made this poem because i have observed that most people prefer to play games rather than read books. (well, i balance the two 50/50 ^_^)
this is a true story that happened a year back(i think, i'm not sure of the date). i hope you enjoy. ^_^ note: i made this because he forced me to write it when i told him about my pages on wikinut. he was so excited to see this poem finished. ^_^
this is a poem i wrote about nature. i got inspired while i was taking a stroll around our school.
this is a poem i wrote after i spoke to a wise old man earlier this day. i encountered him while i was walking to school. he smiled and we had a chat. this is a small fragment, but the whole message, of what we talked about. he was a complete stranger to me but it was surprising to se...
This is a poem i wrote when i was feeling really down. why? well, continue reading and you'll know why. ^_^
this poem is for those people who are heart broken and/or single. may this poem give you patience to wait for that special someone.
here is another poem. i wrote this a few years back (when i was still in high school) i hope you enjoy. ^_^ if you want to, you can read my story under the poem.
this is a poem that i made a long time ago(about my high school years, i'm not sure). it is dedicated to my mom. i hope you'll enjoy this as well ^_^
this is a small description of what i have experienced in an experiment called "Love". i hope you enjoy it. ^_^
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