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Ptrikha is an IT professional, with a great appetite for writing on a variety of topics ranging from Business, Economics, Politics, Sports, Technology, and much more. He has written over 100 Articles
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Indyaforums is a relative newcomer in the list of Paid to Discussion site. It might not be as popular as Mylot, but it has gained a lot of users, and whats more it is run by an Indian and has an Indian focus.
My stint on Wikinut might not have made me into a very rich person, but it has helped me a lot in thinking about and writing fictional content and also improving them.
What happens when the world is at the peril of extinction and only a few good men can save it, but need to uncover a hidden mystery which can be unraveled only after passing through an unforeseen and forbidden path.
What happens when a common conman on a routine mission stumbles on something that could have disastrous and far reaching consequences if it reaches the hands of a much more sinister criminal group, and an undercover police officer is also on the hunt. Well, Daud is a movie with such s...
Fantasy films and films based on ancient mysteries often lead us into a world far from our everyday lives and we get so engrossed in them. Remembering one such movie which takes us to such a world.
One of the most prolific Indian Test and ODI opener Virendra Sehwag announced his retirement from International cricket. I could not hold myself back from writing in praise of this great cricket player who often played in an attacking and unorthodox mould and whom I believe to be one ...
Sharing a personal journey on Wikinut, full of interesting experiences, new learning(s), and a longing for coming back on this site again and again. Sharing my stint here so far, and what I plan to do in the future.
At times, one cannot be sure what that friendly encounter with seemingly good intentioned strangers can turn out to be, and what it can lead to. Ajnabee is one such movie, which explores such a situation.
A family is getting jolted by strange day to day incidents. Are these the work of some paranormal forces? Or something else is at play? You need to watch this movie to find out.
Mobile phones are a necessity in modern day live(s). Yet, aren't we becoming slaves of this Technology and using it in places and at times when it should not be used? Please read on...
A Quantitative attempt to study whether or not giving more comments on others' articles has a positive(or negative!) correlation to the number of views one gets on his or her articles. And it was an interesting study indeed.
An open letter to one of the front runners for the next US Presidency- Mr. Donald Trump, sharing some personal views and a request to get certain things done that would not only benefit him, but Millions others as well
Throw in Big Hollywood stars, directors, a top espionage team which has been disowned and has to redeem itself without any support, and maniac terror mastermind, and great fireworks and action is what you expect- well this is what MI4: The Ghost protocol is all about!
The game of cricket has evolved over the ages into a mix of instant stuff- T20s, the fast tracked One Day Internationals(ODI) and the traditional test match cricket. There are challenges though, in terms of how the game is faring in different countries where it is being played, and ho...
Sonam Kapoor shines in this drama filled movie along with Fawad Afzal Khan, Kirron Kher and Ratna Pathak. Its a sure one time watch for lovers of light hearted dramas with situational humor.
If laughter is what you want from a movie, then this one is for you...
Writing stories for children brings back memories of our childhood- Those simpler days. Don't you too want to cherish them?
Hark back to the year 2013. An Online writing site was making waves, and doing the unthinkable till upto that time. It was paying people a great amount of money for writing Minimum 400 character Posts(akin to short articles or Blogs), sharing, commenting and Liking others' posts. Peop...
I recently watched this animated comedy movie Minions which is a must watch for the kids.
A personal take on the sequel to comedy-drama movie Tanu Weds Manu(2011), full of twists, turns, drama and comedy
After the Three Jurassic Park series, comes this Adventure and action filled movie starring Chris Pratt and the Indian actor Irrfan Khan. So whats in store for us in this movie...
In big cities and even in many smaller ones, eating out is becoming quite common. Many people even do so every weekend. The Trend of standalone Restaurants has caught in cities like Newyork City, London, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Shanghai, Paris and many more. So, what are the challen...
For years, Indian IT Professionals have had a good time both in India and abroad, even though there were many who did not like them due to multiple factors. However, changing times and circumstances have now placed them at crossroads and next few years would be crucial to see what is ...
It is a dream for many Indian students to get into prestigious colleges or Universities abroad, especially in United States and live a life of their dreams much better than what they can have in India. True, they are ready for hard work and are not lazy people. However, what they do n...
Often we need to pass a Resultset- a list of products, a list of students etc from a stored procedure in Oracle(or other databases) to Java, Dot Net, PL/SQL etc. Here is an article to show how we do so using RefCursors in Oracle Database.
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