Patrice Campbell

Patrice Campbell
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Patrice Campbell is a freelance writer working from the Denver, CO area.
A deep curiosity keeps her research skills honed as she learns about trending topics.
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Don't be a writer without readers. Use social media to promote yourself as a professional freelance writer. Self promotion is the best way for a freelance writer to find financial benefit from their work. You can write the best articles to be found on the internet, but if nobody reads...
Forums on writing sites can he wonderfully enlightening or nightmarishly dismal tunnels of hopelessness. Are you a writer who puts your credibility at risk by spending too much time in forums?
Did you ever wonder why there is so much crap disguised as fact on the internet? Continue at your own risk. You are about to enter the Freelance Zone.
Until recently, American veterans faced red tape when choosing relief from pain. The legal use of medical marijuana could jeopardize their ability to obtain the stronger pain medication from veteran care facilities.
The Montana Caregivers Network has shut down Montana’s medical cannabis caravans. The state advocacy group claims that the caravans have been responsible for adding thousands of patients to Montana’s State Medical Marijuana registry.
It’s never too early or too late to make plans to improve the flower garden. Midsummer is a great time to assess this year’s garden and make notes of what works and what can be changed for the following year.
When we think of ways to enhance the flavor of our food, we think of herbs. When we think of ways to find relief from temporary symptoms off illness we think of herbal teas. What do you think of when you think of refreshing beverages?
Fern is an herb rooted deep in herbal lore. More powerful than even mandrake, people depended on the fern to stay safe. Fern tea bathed away the evil effects on frightened child and ancient Greek nymphs lived beneath the leaves of bracken.
Life presents many challenges but it’s nice to know that simple things can make it easier. Sometimes one has only to look around to see what is at hand. Need to keep witches at bay or ease painful sinus congestion? Grab a sprig of elderberry leaves.
Cognitive abilities in elderly women seem linked to lifestyle of teenage years.
That steak cost too much to grill it wrong. Save money by learning from the mistakes of others.
Will a vaporizer become the preferred medical marijuana delivery system? Will it make the therapy more acceptable to the public than lighting up seems to?
The bratwurst found in Wisconsin are famous throughout the upper Midwest. It's not just the sausage, it's the tradition that makes it so good.
No matter how accustomed you become with the realization that parents don't live forever, it's a big adjustment becoming an adult orphan.
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