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Fond of writing in Malayalam and English. Poems and Short stories. Also works on sociology and social Psychology as the Social Scientist to Medical Education Department
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Rivers are ever learning phenomenon for all time. How she loves shiva.. Once she takes an oath, I will be with shiva. His strength is my truth. I will stays always in his hair… It is the Indian concept of Goddess Ganga is staying in the hair bundle of Lord Shiva. he accepted her whi...
memories are vivid. may bring happiness. but memories of the past which paste shade to our lives, will remain longer and visit us again and again
there are many ways to express the love and affection. here you can see the girl put little down her haram- the neck chain so as to communicate to her lover, he was sittin behind to her at class.. tears after he recollects it...
it is the Venice of the east. the blue sea adorned the land and lull it always in its passionate waves. in my childhood the sea was honoured with a bridge made of cast iron. but now it is ruined and decanted a painful memory
Idol seller is a passionate outcome of the experience with a poor idol seller. as the people are become modern, the thrown away all the virtues and values and the reat philosophies. the idols of the great people are old passions. The man tried to sell a piece. but the hot sun make him...
the night is always an enchanting experience with vivid realms of life. the hoot of a owl reminds many thins it begins at the very childhood. why it is 'Howls?' that quest burst to mixed memories and thoughts
life is always mysterious and by time while knows little and learns some thing.. it will be over..
To mange mental illness, the role of psychological and sociological interventions are important and crucial. drugs can give the life in biological aspect but the life in its real sense needs psycho social management and socialization of the affected. A real experience form Kerala.Indi...
through what time we are passing ? is it an odd one..? to what we are witnessed!
Owl is more or less connected to the myths in all countries.. when hoots and i feel many times it as a howling.. remembering the endless sins
Father was determined. he was never nervous with risks. He handled all situations with a smile in the corner of the lips
The children and their playings make the world wonderful.. even to a mind in mist, it shower some pleasant mood... A man preparing his house to receive the children in their summer holidays..
One more year ends here ,after some moments breath.. 2011 what it will bring? it relays on us and defines the creative minds of loving people
See rain.. how it showers? certainly it obeys some rules... and teaches many things.. Many!
A poem about the snow covered valley where the battle is going on.. and the cries never ceases!
Tolerate all the stones thrown to you.. for whom you lived and whom you loved, they will come one day with all weapons
About the endless events of life taking its colors and fills shadows.
Now it is your nude covering the cloths..She was wrecked. certainly, but she was determined to live. because she has right to live, that is the wind singing beyond from bamboo bushes.
The wind is blowing outside and in the mind. when and from where it started? let us listen to its whistles...
We are hands in hands, we are hands in hands one day..... we shall overcome… When troubled and depressed take the hands of Ragas - a psycho social intervention of Santhivaram- A destination for the disturbed minds. ind is like nature, passing through different states as season...
Each passions creating a color in our mind? Any time you listened to it? what is your most favored color, whose face will open in you, while you seeing that color... let us share.
When the contradictions make them apart, begins to stay apart in two poles and life become a burden. divorce is the separation of partners is mostly accepted in modern families and continues from the semi colon to two direction. The need of a family system should be existential for a ...
About a knight's real love and he abides for his lover. one day she came to him after a long days journey by train at midnight in a suburban station. He seems it as an angels arrival..
grief, pain and sorrow why act on them leave it and read the poem. Harvest the pain, it is the voyage to tranquility
Life and success in life. what are the determinants of success? where are you now in the graph of your success? check it and decide your future now with this life line.
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