K. I. Kellerhals

K. I. Kellerhals
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As a Creative Writing graduate, I love a good story and believe in education and enlightening our human selves in a wide variety of ways.
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Violence can be sudden and shocking. Dealing with this shock, as an outsider, can be its own burden...
Ever have that moment where dark thoughts overcome a beautiful day? Beauty and danger come hand in had in this poem...
Childhood is equal parts wonder and disappointment, and should be engaged in with caution...
Everyone needs a little motivation now and again. Here are some thoughts and ideas to motivate you.
Sibling interactions in adult life can be difficult. These are some of the kinds of issues created by certain types of siblings and ways to keep your sanity when dealing with them.
The humanities are not the employment kiss of death for a college student, or they don't have to be. Here are tips for literature, history, and even arts majors on what to do in college that will help land jobs after graduation.
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