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I'm a 30 years old Joomla website developer and article writer. I've been also a journalist since 2008.
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It doesn't matter if you try to deny it, every single one of us has a daily routine, especially morning rituals which are the very foundations of them.
I've been a member of this site for months now and I have to say that after the good start it's far more disappoining than ever.
It's been a while since I've been here for the last time and it was quite an adventure of making money online.
Everything is moving up to mobile platforms, including money making too. In this article we will have a closer look on two of them, Earn money and MintCoins
Plastic surgery is a modern disease which infected the globe. People can't take age or appearance well, and sometimes fall on the other side of the horse
Just like the old days, when HYIPs were so damn popular and these hit and runners scammed us on a regular basis, so they are today. Tubeexposure however, is not a HYIP
I know it may sound a bit sentimental but birthgiving has always amazed me. When a new life comes onto this world, especially when it's not just one and for this time, they're all sweet little four legged chaps.
I used to say; if you have pets around the house you'll never get bored. As this picture shows, every day is for something new.
In the modern era friendship in its original meaning has become lesser both in value and importance.
Crime and racism are those matters which never can be taken easily. Hungary has issues with both of them.
You'll be reading about my favourite stand up comedy star, who has changed my point of view about comedy in its foundations
I very much doubt that you have never seen or ever heard of the movie called 300. Real spartans are strong even in the men's room!
When it comes to money making on the internet, there is something which simply urge people on to cheat. Boosting a YouTube video viewing statistics is just one of them. A new method is on the run
There are careless and inconsiderate drivers, and there are those who read and follow the rules. This one doesn't need any explanation.
When Google Translate takes over, you will find out that learning a language is quite obsolete for some people. They wouldn't make it anyway.
I recently came across this site, and at first it was a pretty good deal, since it was easy to generate traffic to Adfoc.us short links. At first.
Hungary has been in the world news for a very long time and never in a good aspect. Since the Orban cabinet has come to power democracy has been neutralized, the hungarian nation demoralized, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Here I wish to introduce and review several money making ideas and the one of the most important things, how to avoid scams and scammers.
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