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I am a published and produced playwright. I enjoy writing about anything that strikes my fancy as well as engages my passion for a lifetime of learning.
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Losing sight in one eye need not be tragic, but it's a huge adjustment. You make your own reality---which is thinking you're seeing as well as you did with two eyes---until it becomes true.
An Irish Wheaten is the ticket when buying a family dog.
One person's perspective on seeing with monocular vision.
Monocular Vision: A new way of looking at the world.
What's it like living with one eye the first month.
Visit the The Grays Harbor Lighthouse in Washington state and learn what it means to be a lighthouse keeper before electricity was introduced.
An account of how a history teacher helped a young girl become a writer.
A play about a woman who bonds with a computer parrot voice-recognition module and thinks it's real.
A short play on the perils of the E-cigarette. If you think the E-cigarette might be the answer to your smoking addiction, you're inhaling more than water vapor.
You don't have to be a writer or printer to enjoy Simon Garfield's book, "Just My Type" In some ways the book reads more like a novel than the history of fonts: it's informative, entertaining, and funny.
A short monologue about a woman's 70th birthday and what she feels about the time of life Mark Twain called, "A New and Awful Dignity."
Rather than complain about what's wrong with the internet, find out what's right with it. Learn how the internet can be an asset and not a liability.
Frustrated over how little you earn as a content writer? Go on a virtual journey to the 1950s where your hard-earned dollar is worth something.
A play inspired by one of the biggest internet scams of the 21st century.
What I learned when I returned an item at Office Depot and how it influenced my future dealings with them.
StickyPad lets me put sticky note reminders on my desktop where I can consult them each day and plan my day accordingly. It's easy to use, cheaper than paper sticky notes, and is a great time-saver for writers.
Don't just assume, like I did, that if you write non-popular stuff like poetry and plays that it won't sell on (Kindle). I published some of my plays on and was shocked when there was an interest in them and they began to sell.
If you're thinking about writing for Squidoo, you might want to read this first.
We were disappointed to think we'd never be grandparents, but we learned that having a 'grandpuppy' was as almost as good as the "real thing".
A personal account of winning a bogus poetry contest that was held in Las Vegas and what it cost me.
Chris Young claims his music is something he cannot do without and after attending one of his shows, I'm awfully glad that he never tried.
Why could AMC be thinking with their newest reality TV show, Small Town Security? Have they forgotten their channel's tagline, "Story matters here?"
My thoughts on being married for fifty years and what it means to share that many winters and summers with one man.
Although I may justify watching Bravo's Real Housewives franchise, the truth is, watching the show supports the very things that I'm against: The exploitation of vulnerable and (sometimes) mentally unstable people for no other reason than making money.
If you're over fifty, and you think you qualify for most surveys, think again! In spite of all the rhetoric about seniors making a little extra money filling out surveys, the reality is, most surveys are designed for younger people. Unless the survey is about health care or dentures ...
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