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Canadian-American comedy actor Leslie Nielsen, best known for comedies "Naked Gun" and "Is there a pilot on board?", Died on 28 November at age of 84.
Logitech is introducing a new solar, wireless keyboard, which reduces the cost of energy and eliminates the replacement of batteries and chargers with the new generation of solar technology.
Wi-Fi-it may kill trees. The research done at a Dutch university said Wi-Fi radiation causes Abnormal effects in pools. The survey began 5 years ago.
American astrophysicist discovered the youngest black hole in outer space created just 30 years, NASA announced.
Turbo Pascal origins,how everything began,found out here.
Windows eight coming in two years?Or perhaps sooner or later?
New Windows Phone seven is on the sight.Let's see what this makes good but perhaps there are some 'mistakes' hiding aswell.
Nvidia in early June to present something weaker performance Fermi, conceived as a competition of ATI Radeon HD 5850.
According to the analysis of iSuppli, sales of Apple iPad by 2012 should reach a figure of 20 million, of which 7.1 Milon end of this year.
Michael Lawrence of Australia could not trust their eyes when alone on Christmas, walking next to the coast he saw a bottle with message in it.
If you lack excitement in life you can now seek help from the unusual French company will grab you and terrorize. How much 'better' treatment you want, you will pay more.
Professor from California ended up behind bars on suspicion of drunk guided hour. Consumption of alcohol will cost the workplace, and freedom.
When the lights and the horn went on of the gambling machine at Fortune Valley Casino, Luis Chavez thought he got her life jackpot, but the management of the casino just does not think so.
From Asus are coming five new net-top computers - three based on the Intel platform, two on the AMD platform. All come with Windows 7
Almost all girls dream of one day will get married in a beautiful white wedding dress, but it is not the case with Gayle Watson.
Black leather tight-fitted on the sexy body of Scarlett Johansson is best advise why to see the sequel to the hit movie 'Iron Man 2'.
China's Shenzen Huavi company in its stores already have the "new" iPad. At least as credible as-a copy of the tablet from Apple.
Acroding to the authors working on the second extension for Crysis, the second part will provide gaming experience like no other game.
AMD officially introduced a special version of the Radeon HD 5870, Eyefinity 6, which passes support for 6 separate monitors and gaming experience.
Kurt Degerman is a character that will surely make the film. He lived as a wanderer, from collecting cans, and when he died it was found that the bill left a million pounds in shares and gold bars.
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