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Aleh Barysau
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I live in Belarus.
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"You take away me from the light into the dusk of faceless streets..."
"It’s clear – sunny deadly town, its square with old young bones is lined. Cold furtive faces wave the flag and soldiers guard them and the time..."
"Your eyes are at the [i]Ocean[/i] – at the crossroad of the winds – have a depth and no deception, taken the cover off ignorance..."
"A road is going far upwards to North, surmounting Russian bar – drive by the host..."
"On a market you can see the people run. The life itself sells here knowing all..."
"Forward I go under the sky, in hand an only talent..."
"Two hemispheres wrinkled by the past – profound inheritance of bygone generations..."
I wrote the poem July Picture in the summer of 2006 and translated into English a year later. I wrote it somewhere at 12. It was a picturesque scene in and out of my room. The electricity was cut off, a candle was lit up on the windowsill, and the wall-paper was glittering. When I loo...
"An angel was elated soared above the ground, on a stifling populated city he looked down..."
" God expelled from paradise, an' I shall merge with cosmos cold."
In searching for her he's found a philosophy to balance his soul in the presence of Sophy. The scales of existence measures his sufferings, from his shoulders she's taken off the weight of desires. His spirit is soaring above the ordinariness. The lightness rules over the human ho...
Wishes which were written on the basis of Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata
"O Dear Lord! I`m real bushed to bear my shabby cross. It is so hard an` I`m collapsed, legs sinking under loss..."
I caught like a catcher your star, it in you out in me now alight, and like you I play my guitar, death in life to be won by delight.
"I'm on the avenue. On the left a house – at the corner above - figures of stone..."
"There was a king in sheer swing suffering from illness, believing not in healings, melting out of season without any reason..."
"A grey cloud in holes flew in the sky alone, headed for its dole all the time along..."
"From the maternal gloom original light came... ...and I was born by chance..."
"When I look at the sky at night or daylight..."
"The nature keeps its secret laws, an iron angel in a cradle..."
"Two sides of life within a ring merge in a deathly swirl of round..."
"Gladness of meadows, ill weeds, children of flowers, mad deeds, bitter of fathers, iron glove. Winds are carrying the love..."
"A formation of stoned giants An’ the pavement full of bodies..."
"You’re wishing to excel the gods in pride – your posture is the bearing of a magic empress..."
"Oh, queens, aces beside them and kings and all the minions serve them and jacks..."
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