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I like to write down the thoughts that fill my head,
And little rhymes on what goes on and what gets said,
Throughout the day I jot
Little things that make me smile, laugh and frown,
I hope that I
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Consider these five questions to help you figure out whether or not you are ready to commit yourself to a long-term relationship.
10 easy ways to look and feel great Feeling good about yourself and looking your best doesn’t take as much effort as you might think. Here are some reminders of small things that make a big different.
Everyone has good day and bad day, but if the bad are starting to out coming the good, it’s time to start trying some of simple ideas to leave your mood It’s natural for your mood to go up and down and everyone feel a little down sometimes. but when that low mood carries on for ...
You have an oily T-zone that shines all day long ,Your skin feels tight even after moistening ,You are prone to nasty red breakouts in a specific area, You have dark patches on your skin or an uneven skin tone .
We never know what tomorrow will bring, so it helps to build a solid foundation for our children, a foundation that will make sure they’re able to handle whatever good or bad life throws their way.
Ouch Razor bun is not something any guy wants to deal with, but shaving every few days, maybe more, leaves you open to those nasty little bumps. Make sure you’re doing these four simple steps for a smooth shave.
There is a reason why they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives your body the energy and boost it needs to grow and learn.
Don't make people cringe flash pearly whites that you can be proud of! Your body is amazing. If you get a cold, a few days of rest and you’ll be ready to go again. If you cut yourself, your body repairs the wound. But one thing your body can't fix by itself is damage to your teeth. ...
Don't snack sugary treat. sugary food and drinks play a big part in tooth decay. It’s interesting to note though, that's it’s not how much you eat, but how often you eat it.
Weight loss is a serious business. Treat it that way. weight yourself every morning-a study in the annals of behavioral Medicine shows that people do daily weight ins are more successful losers-and write the number down (just don’t obsess over it) if you’re even vaguely computer ...
Most people know that smoking causes lung cancer. But what else does it do?
Encourage your child to drink as much as possible while it is having watery stools. Have your baby seen by a health professional as soon as possible to check on the hydration. Sometimes, the ORS is not sufficient to maintain your baby's hydration and it many need to be admitted to hos...
"Building confidence is about giving your child the inner strength and skill to feel good about themselves and cope more independently of you-which is the carrot for them really because teenagers want to feel "grown up". At a later stage, you can become friends, as well as parents, ...
Winter is on its way, which mean that colds and flu on their way too. Should you have a flu shot this year? Most people find they are much better the winter they have a flu vaccine, but some people are certain that they always get sicker when they have a flue vaccination. So what shou...
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