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Well writing hasn't been one of my best playing fields but i guess theres always a first. I will try my best and provide articles of detail and worth. Hope you like em ! :]
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A life changing game in a world parallel to our yet so alike. Prepare yourself as you journey across the world and experience what you thought never possible. Parallel Kingdom - Age of Thrones. ARTICLE NOT UP-TO-DATE Refer to for more recent news and updates
A game that brings about a revolution in its series. The one and only Call of Duty Black Ops. Made to perfection. Awesome game-play, smooth graphics, great plot and above all new and improved features surpassing all previous releases!
A little para i wrote in class using phrases from a list given to me. Its not perfect but turned out better tan i expected so i wanted to share it with all of you.
Is what you see out there, beyond the safety of our planet, actually the way it is?
So a little something that happened to me a while back one morning. Thought i'd share it with all of you.
A few facts i got from my weekly local kids newspaper (Young World by Dawn ). Thought i should share it with all of you.
Ever wondered why the images above any heat source flicker and wave? Let me explain the concept as best as i can.
Life is an ongoing process which come and goes without you even realizing it. The paths through life are many and each lead to a different destination. What matters is which of these paths you choose, for they shape the future ahead.
My second quotation compilation of random quotes. Simple in wording but deep in meaning. Again a few of my own have been added. Hope they help!
Some simple tests for various gases and ions. Trust me, they'll come in handy for chemistry tests and exams. NOTE: I will not be adding more to this page anymore. But i will update the info.
It is time to wake up to the truth! The blindfold on you is to be taken off for you to see what is happening around. Is this the truth? Is this justice?
The question remained within many minds how does the universe operate exactly and what is nature still hiding from us? Well, string theory research could unveil mysteries of the universe at the subatomic level or even beyond that.
*Credit for this article goes to a friend of mine for compiling and setting forth this information.* Well, i'll assume you all know about the very famous global warming. It seems to be destroying our environment, changing the weather and even changing the globe as we know it. So basi...
Well its been going around lately: "Dengue this", "dengue that", "he got dengue"... and so on. But what is this dengue? Lets take a look together, shall we.
Some various types of writing used in our daily English language. Really helps where you need to analyse text.
Naruto GOA (Grand Online Adventure) is a mmorpg based on the famous anime Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto.
I've seen many people fail their English exams and tests even though their work is A class material. The cause of their failure is a simple and usually ignored part of English but a very important part nevertheless - vocabulary. Here are a list of some difficult words and their meanin...
This is my first poem in ages. Its on 'the value of books', something most of us need to understand. Anyway hope you like it.
A compilation of the Morals given at the beginning of each clone wars episode. I've also linked the episodes to their respective pages on the Star Wars Wikia - Wookiepedia, so be sure to check there for more info on the episode. Note* Season 6 is currently in production and i will ke...
Random quotes compilation. These quotes have been compiled by me through a number of sources. I have included some of my own as well. Enjoy!! ^_^
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