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Ikaro Androx
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I love sports, writing and watching movies in the cinema, I also like classical music
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After thirteen days the ecological disaster was detected in the river The Passion, in Sayaxché, Petén, the consequences of pollution remain high because fishes and people stop drinking or using the water of the channel for fear that continue poisoned.
Carlos Ruiz , reference and Municipal leader , lamented the violence that occurred last Sunday around the stadium Clover , before the classic 278, which killed the cream aficionado Kevin Diaz will be played , after being attacked by a mob of followers scarlet .
Foreign Santiago Morandi, Edoardo Isella , Lucas and domestic Concistre Alejandro Galindo joined yesterday Municipal and trained with the team led by the Uruguayan Anibal Ruiz Maño. Santiago Morandi trained yesterday with Municipal team in the stadium of Villa Ernesto Alfonso.
From the early hours of yesterday , the karate Cheili González began receiving calls and text messages to his cell phone. Family and friends came to congratulate the athlete to his appointment as Sports Personality of the Year.   on the morning show of United Stations , Cheili Gonza...
The illusion of getting one of the three tickets for the World Under 20 in Canada this year is the greatest desire of the national team, which will start today at 15.30 to Cayman Islands where Premundial category will be played . National Selected expect to meet expectations and get ...
The national champion team Communications returns to training on Thursday with the wishes of win the tournament of football for obtain the name of fourth champion times of the league.
The 56th San Silvestre race was held this last day of 2013 with great competition between elite athletes and amateur participation picturesque ended the year with costumes and sport. José Amado Garcia won for the tenth time.
Deportivo Mictlan looking to straighten their way into the 2014 Clausura tournament and already makes scrimmages to start off right next championship.   EDGAR COTTO is one of the new additions of Deportivo Mictlan for the next championship. Yesterday he made its debut in a friendly m...
Morales' team is one of the favorites to shine in the next tournament, after playing two consecutive finals. Heredia is still seeking reinforcements for next season and had a rapprochement with Isaula Oscar , he is also interested in four more contracts .
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