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a freelance artist and painter at the phillippines..loves writing
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Don't break my heart before I give it to you Don't tell me no before I ask you to Don't say it doesn't fit before you try it on There's too much to lose to be wrong... ...if you can just feel the message of the song...
a compilation of love notes when courting٫ an admiration letter for a crush
math is really difficult to some person...they find it hard to understand and hates this subject
another inspirational poems...deep inside the heart...part3 continuation of my previous page.
Christmas is here...and here are some simple yet splendid dedications for you're love one
a mystery plant that relieves alternative pain reliever...
an inspirational poetry and poems of love for the person you love
gift ideas that's affordable,cheap and unique... no money needed...just time and effort
children were suddenly disappeared... they were kidnapped and killed and sold there organs to hospitals
To prove your worth in a group, to prove your strong… survive the hazing
how could love be considered true...if the trust is gone... how important to have love and trust in a relationship...
this lizard really needs help,his family are being captured and peak price..
inpirational poems for the words... intouch...inspiration...simple words,easily understood but meaningful.
some resons of hair dandruff and a simple home remedy tips to get your scalp normal and non-itchy
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