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Oh hi. I'm a film major in college that likes to write far too much for my own good. I tend to like Scifi, psychological twists, and just weird Twilight Zone-esk things.
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Recent pages by Glowininja

This is a lovely rant on how "awesome" my life is.
This is the story on how my simple movie night evolved into a scenario that still sends a chill down my spine.
I take a look at Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, to see if it falls flat or takes off in a giant bubble of awesomeness.
My views of realty and the Universe and everything else.
This is what happens when the Universe really doesn't want you to do something.
It all started with the idea of shared dreams, and has evolved into one of the most theorized movies of the year.
I finally get my hands on the Hugo Award winning book, Ender's Game. And yes - the book is older than I am.
Yet another awkward adventure from my disturbing little life. Enjoy.
I finished Heavy Rain in two days - technically three sittings. This is my story. Also, there's a review in here somewhere.
I love technology - but sometimes the feeling is very far from mutual. This causes mutual hatred. After a day like this, Office-Spacing several of my toys that go beep...sounds like an amazing idea.
You may have never heard of this video game. There is a reason for that.
A simple tale from my life, of how growing up feels. Think of watching a cat talk or a turtle fly. It's something like that.
Steve Job's baby versus Bill Gates' baby. It's the debate that causes friends to stop talking and enemies to team up. Time to take a look through the eyes of someone who knows both.
I've had many bad summers in the past, but I think I have finally figured out the key to honing in a Summer that prevents "I'm bored syndrome," - aka IBS.
The analysis of new film [i]The Last Air Bender[/i] from the eyes of a critical film student...with a sick sense of humor.
Life has a funny way of teaching us about things. This is the real story of how I received a perspective upon death, life, and the power of semi trucks.
A critical review of the new Toy Story film through the eyes of a film student who watched the originals as a child.
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