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music, movies, theater , love them all
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Recent pages by silversurferdude

A review of the animated movie "Up" and what makes it a great watch for all audiences.
A step by step guide on how to play "Angry Birds" really well using known strategies and cheats.
A suggestion and consecutive description of the Must-See places this year.
A great movie to watch when in the mood for an animated flick.
How to go about caring for your pet bird. A things to do list for Pet bird care to keep your bird happy and healthy.
This is a simple list of things to do on how to select and bring home a pet for the first time.
This On-line Resource Site is an excellent choice for information on wide varieties of topics required for hands on research.
Tips on how to go about planning and packing for that perfect retreat. Have to have fun while travelling by planning ahead.
WhatsApp is the best mobile IM service available today. It is a holistic solution for mobile internet based messaging.
A Good Watch For Die Hard Fans of Superman due to the plot and special effects, but lengthy in execution.
A review of the Hollywood Movie " The Wolverine " 2013.
This Movie Revolves around what transpires between an mother-son duo over a road trip.
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