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I love writing. I like to write whatever that comes to my mind.
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People often wonder, when is the right time to start financial planning, when should we start saving? Here's an article to stimulate your mind, feel free to share your thoughts!
Sharing some reasons on why you should travel with your partner before marriage to get to know them better.
Have you ever wonder how to utilize the most out of your salary every month? How can we stretch your dollars? Here are a few tips in which you can follow so as to make every cent worth.
For those who are living in Singapore, OCBC has a saving account that is called OCBC 360 Account, which has the best saving interest in Singapore currently. With their new changes implemented, you are earn up to maximum of 4.2%. Read more to find out how!
Find out the difference between debit card and credit card before you make the choice. Will help to avoid debts as well!
Discussing more about the components of Limerence and going in depth about the different aspects.
Many people found themselves land in heavy card debts after a few years of using credit cards. There are actually ways to get the benefit from the cards but at the same time, not land yourself in debt.
Limerence, a new word coined by Deborah Tennov but what exactly does it mean? Here is an article discussing about this new term.
An user review on the phone, Sony Xperia Z3 about it's pros and cons.
Everyone wants to earn money, and more money. Nobody will ever say, I'm happy with my income. Well, there are ways to earn more but you have to invest your time.
What does life seem to you at different phases of your life? Things that you experience everyday, what does it feel like? To me, it feels like a masquerade part where everyone is wearing masks.
Been away for a really long time, in between this period of time, what are the events that happened in my life... What are some of the new experiences that I have gained?
Sometimes, would you ever wonder what is the motive or what is the purpose of life?
Short poem on the meaning of love at different stage in life.
A short description on the word, "Ubuntu", explaining the meaning of it.
Just some extra tips on how to save money for rainy days. :)
A poem about the connection between human and life.
A poem for a close friend that I have lost. I really miss him and I wish we had another chance to start our friendship again.
Short article on maternal instinct and maternal bonding.
After loving someone deeply, it is not possible to love the same way again.
We should be contented with what we have in our lives.
A short poem about a person’s perspective towards love now.
Some things need to be said but risks need to be taken.
There are so many things that cannot be controlled in life. Sometimes, life leave us with no choice at all. WHY?
A short writing on ambiguous relationship, discussing the details of it in the way of a poetry.
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