Mekko Jean Bacorro

Mekko Jean Bacorro
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I like writing because it helps me expresses my thoughts, feelings and ideas towards a certain person, event or thing. I think i'm focusing in the area of creative writing and literary articles.
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this is a poem that i hope someone can read this even if were heaven and earth apart...
It's about my female closest friend... She's the one I will never regret I have and never will be forgotten...
This is about what can you see when you've put your armor away
it's about me comparing to an object which is a mask...
This is about a teenager who finds out about her real identity, her real father.
This is a story about two friends and how their journey begins and what will be the outcome after an unexpected event
Sometimes we get tired of life and tries to scape, but somehow it leads to our own lonileness
Sometimes you must tell what you truly feels for a person even though you will not like the outcome
You can never know someone's feeling if you never tell how you feel for him
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