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Gamer, musician, artist, crafter, writer, nerd. Awesome person. A blogger who enjoys writing movie and game reviews and answering questions from readers.

To get all the other content from my articles, including pictures, videos and polls, visit my blog!
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Recent pages by Lucca

Dissidia: Final Fantasy, a popular fighting game for the PSP, recently had its sequel announced. Things are looking exciting!
Loose-leaf works so much better than a word processor. Check out why!
The creators of the smash series Avatar: The Last Airbender have announced a sequel series. Will it be worthy? Check out Lucca's thoughts!
Lucca discusses the top ten arcade games that started a legacy in the video game industry.
The hit blockbuster "Avatar" is coming back to theatres for some extra footage.
Genre Battle is a monthly article taking two games or movies from the same genre and discussing their similarities and differences.
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