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Blogger, musician, twitterer, not much more.
I am always looking forward to new friendships, so feel free to contact me!
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PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT ABOUT REMOVING TWITTER ACCOUNT, THIS IS ALL ABOUT REMOVING TWEETS, UNFOLLOWING ETC. I was using Twitter for quite a long time. My first thought was: it's fun, second thought: pretty useless and third thought: I may earn something using it! The last thought wa...
Attention: this article is very personal and was written while being angry. So might be not appropriate for some minors and government people.
A fun bug I found, which let's you get five nutpoints.
A proper way of writing index page for documents. This way is for schools mostly.
An example of writing an announcement especially for people who often lose things. Always use formal language, don't forget to mark where you have last seen your lost thing (a cell phone in the example) and why it is important to get it back (a man is going crazy without a cell phone ...
An example for writing invitation letters. Keep in mind to use formal language and don't forget to be creative :)
A few questions and statements with information about what and when you should ask.
There are a great number of various plug-ins for your browser to block some or all advertisements on the Net. They are considered to be a great improvement for browsing experience but in fact they also have their cons.
This post is more like a help request, not an advice or information.
The king of the operating systems is Windows. Despite the facts, that this OS (operating system) is not safe, is not cheap, has limited customization, requires quite fast computer, it's still the most popular OS. Let's look at the completely safe, completely free and fully customizabl...
It's not as easy as it sounds. You should know some basic tips to make your guitar sound better.
A short text for lazy people at school. If you have got a task to write on this topic but you are too lazy (or just don't have enough time for this) this article is especially for you.
There are many twitter users who follow a big number of people. If you want your tweet to be seen, both the user name and avatar must be noticeable. In this article I'm going to talk a little about Twitter avatars and how to choose one properly.
So you are lazy again? :) I give you an example of an essay which covers a topic "It is important that people choose a career when they are still quite young". Remember, copy-paste does not really make you smarter :)
A short article telling you my little experience about how my creations were lost.
Even if all the music you make is created via MIDI, the chances are that at some time or other you'll have to record vocals using the traditional tools of a singer and a microphone.
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