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Karen is a full-time student at Tennessee College of Applied Technology and a freelance writer, writing about a variety of topics from religion/spiritual to travel.
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Recent pages by KarenRoberts

We can learn so much about God if we just sit quietly and observe nature. From dogs and cats to butterflies, bees, plants and even the wind, check out these Bible lessons from the backyard.
Opening your home and heart to others can sometimes result in unexpected rewards.
If you love animals and traveling, why not combine the two and opt for a trip to one of the following places to see some of the world's most amazing wildlife.
No matter how short you are on money, resources, or ability, God has you covered and will provide what you lack. Please read on to see how God can and will do this for you in your life.
Understanding the significant comparisons between leprosy and sin offers us a better picture of what sin truly is, why God hates it, and how we should respond to it.
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