Kane Spade

Kane Spade
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I'm writer who's been writing since high school, my writing consist's of, stories on real life situation's, comedy's, poetry, fictional adventure's to drawn the reader's in drowning in their own imagination and more.
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This is about a true writer's endurance, how far can a trully skilled writer go, well read my work and find out.
This written display is about those who write and why they write.
This written work is about how sinners live their lives and get what is coming to them.
This is about finding the woman you've been looking for all your life, that and some perks, lol.
This is about how writer's paused before their inspired, suffering from a writer's block that infects the imagination.
This is about how emotion, basically anger, written and describe in poetic terms.
This is basically poetry how I feel about reading, movies I seen and tradegies that reall caught my attention.
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