Chuck Stewart

Chuck Stewart
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I have been in music as a singer, trombonist, pianist, writer, arranger, and composer; worked professionally for over a couple of decades. Also involved in the fields of architecture and design.
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This is an approach to learning a new song done step by step. Even though it is step by step, the sequence is not necessarily the only way to learn a song/
How to stop your voice from cracking is not a one sentence answer. It takes training and extensive practice to learn to not crack when you sing.
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The Voice is the best show of a singing competition currently on television and here are the reasons why.
How I played video poker, double diamond, and triple diamond.
Things to see and do at Monmartre, Arche de Triumphe, and the Moulin Rouge, with photos.
Highlights along the River Seine, including Notre Dame, Cruising The River Seine, and experiencing the Eiffel Tower.
A short stay in Paris, what to see, what to do? A few ideas are explored in part one of this three part series.
Preventing problems is preferable, if not easier, than regaining health.
What has happened to American Idol? Is it going to be cancelled? What has gone wrong?
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