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sharla s.
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I have many passions, and writing is one of them. I take many of my writing topics from observing life and people. Other topics you may read on my site are things I have personal experience in, such as health and well-being, beauty and fashion, music, eye health (related to my day job), relationships, music (I was a music teacher), cooking, and art.
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Red lips and a smileā€¦it is a classic look that has withstood the test of time, and is a symbol of confidence, sex appeal, and success. What more could you ask for?
The rapid decline of my father's health, two weeks before his death, left me with these disturbing images.
In this poem, I explore the darker emotions we all have from time to time...
Tips on how to turn the stuff sitting in your storage into money, by holding a garage or yard sale. Gives you guidlines on how to organize, display and price your items, and what you need to advertize your sale around the neighbourhood.
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