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I am married and a 52 year old mother of two. I am also a self published author who is concerned about the world I leave for my children and grandchildren
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Many people scoff at those of us who choose to life a green life. Many think it is too expensive or too much trouble. The fact of the matter is that going green is as easy as changing a light bulb.
Many people may not realize it, but going green can earn you money while saving the planet.
My husband and I are always looking for ways to live a greener life. Recently the topic turned to cars. It is nice to know that the cost of purchasing a green car is now comparable to that of a combustible engine car.
Recycling is something that every community should do no matter how large or small. What we do today will determine the lives we are able to live tomorrow.
People throw tons of useful material away each year. Have you ever wondered what new uses you could find for the things you throw out? Recycling is simply giving new life to something old or seemingly useless.
As a resident of the planet Earth, I believe it is my duty to leave this place in better shape than I found it. With this in mind my family and I strive to live Green. This is a noble calling, however some things we as citizens of Earth do to be Green cause me to as the question "Why?...
As a mother and grandmother I have great concern for the state of our planet. I was driving on the expressway the other day and noticed a truck advising us to save the planet , "Because there is no planet B.", (gaia-movement.org) I would like to offer suggestions of things we can do t...
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