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Hedy Rose
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Hedy loves books! She and her family sell books and records on different internet sites. She loves cooking and reading books about food and food authors. Her favorite actor is Alan Rickman.
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Do you anyone who lies? Do you know anyone who doesn't lie? Is it human nature to tell a little white lie once in a while?
When your family asks you, "what's for dinner?" Maybe it's time to say "Breakfast!" Sometimes it just takes some imagination to come up with a different idea for dinner. Just get away from the regular boring choices.
If I watched you walking down the street, would you see me? If I followed you awhile and you stopped, would you watch me?
If any of you Wikinut writers out there are living or visiting New York City, this a perfect time to see a brand new comedy at the Golden Theatre in NYC. It's call Seminar. It is written by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Sam Gold. It has to do with writers, so it would be somethin...
When you are troubled and stressed, why can't you sleep? Turn off your mind, Lay there in peace? Your brain seems to race, Eyes wide awake. Clock ticking away, but times stays still.
Today a lot of people are ending their services for land phones in their home and just getting by by using cell phones, not only for outside use, but for making phone calls in their homes.
Here are just a few annoying habits and disappointments that you may come across everyday in life. Some are caused by yourself, and some just happen at random. Whatever you may find annoying or troublesome, I am sure you are not alone.
When do we become us? When in life do we become the person we want to be? Is it so hard to be a person we can respect? To be a person that is loved?
In the world today there are many ways to make new friends. It does not always mean meeting someone new at work, or at the supermarket, or even a neighbor. Today you can meet new friends and keep in touch just by having a computer.
Hello, my name is Fudge. I am a female dog. I am 12 years old in human years. I'm not sure what my dog age is. I am about to tell you about my life and how I live. with my masters.
You stuggle each day, there is no other way. You worry and cry, you may never know why. Why do you care, when you have to be brave. What happens will happen, until you are in your grave. You wonder and think, how will this all work? Am I doing this right? Will it be a mistake? ...
Everyone deserves a mental health day. This is a day you either call in sick at work, or skip school. You do not go out and have fun, but you stay home and do nothing. It is even better if the day you choose is rainy and gloomly. This will sort of give you a less guilty feeling ...
This month marks the 49th anniverary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was October 16, 1962 when the United States discovered that medium-range and intermediate-range ballistic nuclear missiles were under construction by the Soviet Union in Cuba.
Love is a gift you give to yourself. You choose the one you want to love and pray they will always feel the same way.
Even though ebooks are becoming more and more popular, it seems that nothing can replace the actual feel, touch, or smell of a brand new hardcover first edition book with a shiny new dust jacket.
Did you ever notice how a certain smell can transfer you to a different time and place in your life? Of course, everyone knows that a sent or smell can cause people to remember things from childhood or remember certain events that they experienced.
The night sky was dark, with no stars in sight, but a glow from above I could see. I looked up in the night and was scared at the sight and the thought of what it could be. It was round and was bright and it gave me a fright and was nothing like I'd ever seen.
There are a lot of good reasons for choosing apartment living instead of home owning In todays economy. Forclosures, short sales, and upside down morgages, are forcing people to make that choice.
It was not that long ago, that buying a cup of coffee was a simple decision. You usually were asked "cream and sugar?"
A family dog can be the most comforting member of a family. They are always ready and willling to please, play and comfort. It does not matter what kind of mood you are in, they love you just the same.
It's fun to think of the past. Especially in this time of uncertainty and dispair. When you feel insecure and alone you can find comfort reminiscing with past friends and family. Today with internet and websites like Face book, it is easy to find someone you knew from High School...
Alan Rickman is not always a name people recognize, but when they see him, they know who he is.
It's hard to say good-bye to a long time friend!
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