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My name is Dale Beckstrom and I am a coder on BYOND. I go by Ssj4justdale on Xbox as well as BYOND. My twitter username is @DementedSoul__
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Ever wondered how many people get followers on twitter that seemed ridiculous? Here is your chance to find out how and do it too!
Social Networking told from both sides. It includes a summary, the good and the bad of Social Networking.
People donate blood for many reasons. The reasons ranges from saving a life to skipping class.
Join now to make money through PayPal today! All you need to do is sign up for 3, if not 4 things and you'll be set. You can earn an average to $50/ Month. I've earned $50/ Week and if you read on, I can guarantee that you will too!
Music is Life by Carlos Robles of the Phineas Banning High School Journalism class in Wilmington, California.
My first attempt at poetry. It's my first poem/ song.
Do you have a high level character yet still get owned by lower-leveled characters? Here's your solution!
How to do a Who System on BYOND. Tutorials/Guides will contain a quick, one to two line codes and will also have a download link. The download link for the code file will be regularly formatted.
I am willing to help you make a game on BYOND by making tutorials. If you have any question on how to do something, tell me, and it will be posted here.
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