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I love writing poems and short stories. I also write inspiring real life stories based on what I have seen and gone through
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In the 21st century, it is rather unfortunate that the society judges people by the level of education they have acquired. It is thus somewhat important to get good grades in your education while also learning as much as you can.
So when I decided to write something about the year that was, I wasn’t really sure whether to write a poem describing the terrible breakups or the pancreatic cancer that had my grandma gone forever or whether to ignore the bad and write about the numerous blessings. Whichever the ca...
We all go through unique experiences in life. I would like to share some of the most important lessons I have learnt so far
In the journey of life, challenges will always be there but one thing I always keep in mind is that someone elsewhere could be fighting twice my battle and that in itself is motivational enough to keep on.
Love is the only law above all others and we should take time to appreciate the people we love. Ignoring them or hurting the destroys the true meaning of love.
This page is about Africa and the good things that very few people embrace about this lovely continent
When I tried to check what caused all my failures, it always turned out to be something like "fear of..." and I therefore realized that to achieve anything, confidence is the key.
In life, once we appreciate who we are and embrace ourselves, we are bound to be more successful.The me syndrome is all about getting better self esteem for a better life.
While most people may not give much attention to how societal morals have degraded over the years, I do believe that they have played a big role in the evils experienced in today's society. We should embrace a little more discipline in our daily lives that can help solve many societal...
Gone are the days when a woman's only work was sit in the kitchen and cook. Women have great ideas that could see the world reach to great levels. Exploring women's great and admirable abilities could further reveal how great a treasure women are to the society
dreams are strong driving forces to what many of us want to achieve.they are the driving forces we need to keep us hard working and focused
many are times when people are heart broken by people they thought they loved.Love is not a one way traffic but it takes the two partners to make it work.
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