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I am a poet, novelist, musician.
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A young boy first time with his lover, becomes a males greatest dream. Something unexpected happens and he stuck in a pickle.
It a poetry about being small again, being so innocent man how much do we change.
It just a small poem I wrote back in 2009 when something tradgic happened I guess I really don't remeber, but I tear up everytime I reread it. It has alot of emotions for me I guess that I probaly suppressed
This is a poem I wrote for the girl I going to ask to be mine.
Young boy who wants the love of her life but can't have her.
A story I wrote based off the server I play named TrueRoleplay. I wrote it last year of november. I thought it was pretty entertaining and a few other people.
A shy colledge teen falls inlove with one of his best friends, he tries to hide it because he doesn't want to ruin there friendship.
This short story is about a Vampire who falls in love with his servant on a Saturday night. (Warning!!! VERY EXPLICIT AND NOT SUITABLE FOR ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18)
A young boy finds out he has something special, and so does doctors. The doctors tries to manulate what he has and end up almost destroying the humand race.
This story is about the dark gift of writing sad. It hard to make sense but half of the people agree with this story, half define me as crazy, but this story is not about me :D
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