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A girl loves dreaming and travelling. Energetic and positive attitude.
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Being famous is not the privilege of some super stars. Everyone who loves life needs recognition from the world. This article recommends some popular ways to get friends on social media and help you be more famous.
You probably already know that there are apps you can use not only for entertainment, but for earning extra money or saving some. But, you may not know about the following app, which is my favorite. Boom Gift App helps me to make extra money in my spare time.
Third World Farmer, Cat with a Bow and Kitten Sled Race are all famous online flash games. We have appreciated the charm of the flash games. The flash games give the players a sense of accomplishment. Does people play these flash games on mobiles successfully?
Father’s Day approaches and it is a wonderful time to remember our fathers. For our beloved fathers, what Fathers day ideas have you gotten?
Many websites used to be created with flash or include flash contents. The weakness gradually appears especially with the development of html5. Html5 is more mobile friendly. It allows websites to function like mobile apps via offering design capability. Thus, for attracting more mobi...
If you are a website owner, designer or developer, you must have faced the dilemma that your flash videos, games or banners cannot be viewed across IOS (Apple’s operating system for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) devices. This will cause some visit loss. Fortunately, there are some s...
We might have noticed there are streaks of grey in Mom's hair and wrinkles have overspread her face. Time has left its impress upon her. This is our beloved mother- the most beautiful woman in the world.
Logos are used to represent companies' brands or corporate identities and foster their immediate customer recognition. The proper colors will enhance the logos because they are the most powerful non-verbal communication forms available.
Many people may encounter the problem: they have numbers of DVD discs for films or concerts. And they wanna enjoy these on iPad, iPod, Zune etc but find there are format incompatibility issues. This article mainly teaches users to convert DVDs to iPad compatible format. Thus, users ca...
HTML5 has always been a hot topic since it was proposed. And as the most exciting feature, the video tag draws a lot more attention. It enables most visitors to enjoy videos smoothly and at the same time occupies lesser resources.
A person’s dress has a way of saying something about your personality and internal makeup. For those who wish to be different or eschew clichéd dress, the distinctiveT-Shirt which signifies your unique personality traits may be a good choice.
Logo design is not a simple work. This article is trying to give tips and experience to young designers on how to start unique logo design artworks. Hope they are useful for you. Any further discussions are welcomed.
Flash, the way to deliver rich interaction, has been around for ages. It is popular with web developers to make the user experience more compelling for viewers. In this tutorial, I will give you a brief overview of the features, benefits and applied areas of Flash, and then explain t...
Although the iPhone 4S is almost the same as iPhone 4 in shape, the upgraded functions still attract increasing attention of many people. As Apple said officially, iPhone 4S is the most amazing iPhone yet with features of dual-core A5 chip, all-new 8MP camera and Siri, etc.
Many people who run a video sharing platform may be confused with the methods to make money. And the premise of making money is to get a deal of traffic. This article give some directions to those who run video streaming sites.
With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, many of you might go into a major panic of preparing 2011 Christmas presents for family and friends. Do you have some unique Christmas gift ideas? Giving practical and unique Christmas gifts will definitely bring them a memorable Christmas....
In the last article, we have showed you 15 YouTube tools and services for better YouTube experience, now we will provide another collection of 15 tools, add-ons and apps for YouTube, including YouTube to audio tool, free YouTube video converter software and others. I hope you will fin...
FFMpeg and Mencoder are world famous open source projects for people to create streaming video sites. In the last part we have made some simple comparisons among FFMpeg, MEncoder and VEE. We will continue more detailed features and comparisons in this part.
YouTube is the most popular website where users discover, watch, upload and share videos. Since its inception, YouTube has been growing in popularity by leaps and bounds every year. At the same time, many useful tools for YouTube have been developed to meet the needs of YouTube fans.
FFMpeg and Mencoder are world famous open source projects for people to create streaming video sites. Anyone can get these scripts at zero cost. However, some webmasters don’t want to be tied to a GPL or LGPL. So they try to find other server-side encoding solutions.
iTunes 10.5 arrives with new feature. The feature added to this version of iTunes is the capability to sync iOS devices via Wi-Fi. In other words, this feature enables content synchronizing between an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using a Wi-Fi connection. This is a big step in a sense,...
Many families have been equipped with DVD players for their home theatres. Some may encounter the video format problems when they play videos on DVD. While, a free DVD burner software can resolve this problem. This article shares a free tutorial and other useful information for refere...
In most cases, YouTube visitors watch videos streaming over the Internet. However, disconnection is a bummer for most of people when they are watching favorite videos on YouTube. Accessing YouTube is not available when there is no web connection. Therefore, to download convert YouTube...
Universal video format for any mobiles? You may think it is unimaginable. This article will reveal truth about the universal output video solution through my own experience.
Baby's first crying declares his/her coming to the world. Parents cry with joys and swear they would care the baby with the lifetime physically and mentally. From then on, most Moms began to keep the baby growth record, such as keeping diaries every day, taking baby photos or shooting...
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