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I'm am a writer who likes to weave tales, and inspire people with my poetry.
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This is an inspirational piece, meant to encourage those who suffer in silence to speak out and make a change for the better.
In the search for the perfect french fry, I have eaten at many fast food chains, but I must say Burger King's new french fry recipe is going to give the other french fry makers a run for their money.
It's so sad when relationships end, and the only question that comes to mind is "Where did we go wrong?".
Sometimes guilt can eat you up till nothing is left. Confession is the way to cleanse your soul, and find the right path again.
It's hard to live life, when you feel like you're just living it for everyone else.
It's always hard whn you lose someone you love. This poem describes that feeling.
This poem was inspired by a story I read online, about a 104 year old woman being forcefully evicted from her home. When did money become more important than people.
This poem is about a moment in time, right before two lovers' first kiss.
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