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I enjoy writing poetry, short stories, letters and blogs
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I wrote a poem after having first child and thought it only fair to write one for my second child too! Life has become twice as interesting!
my father in law - gone but never forgotten! Loved by many he loved his folk music and playing music to his grandchildren!
Lovely priced Italian restaurant in London, read on to find out more.
I have added my daughter to the 'Bidiboo: baby contest' 0-3 year category and hope you can help boost her position up the ratings after reading this page.
Well I have just celebrated my 2 year wedding anniversary and this is a poem I wrote for my husband but thought i'd share it here too. enjoy x
My life changed dramatically having a baby last year and after a lovely year of watching her grow I decided to write this poem which will be for her as well as all my readers!
A messy activity idea to do with your baby on their first birthday!
Very windy day today so thought I'd write my observations into a poem, enjoy!
Poem about animals; help look after them to keep them around for years to come
A Fathers day poem I have written on behalf of my baby for her first Fathers day so a bit personal :)
eHarmony is a dating site you may have seen advertised on the television and I am happy to say that I personally have a success story to share from it.
I am struggling for inspiration as all I can think about is my little family so I thought I would share this little poem about my little girl. Enjoy :)
I have not long ago had my first baby and although told, didn't realise how much my life would change so thought I would write some of it down!
fictional but thought provoking! Is there somebody you know who may be struggling to cope with their child that you could help?
Another 2 of my weather poems! The Sun was out and I wanted to share my fun
Just a fun/ silly rhyming poem I made up about mess and being frustrated with it.
What will you find at Beamish Living museum? Read on to find out and be prepared for a great day out. I have included as much as I remember but there is a lot more for everyone to go and discover. Have fun and remember to check out the gift shop at the end for mementos.
A place to visit when in North-East England, lots to see and do in a very picturesque surrounding. A great place for taking photos. I have so many lovely photos but unfortunately couldn't use them all.
Just bought a new house but can't move in till I get married in April so written a I do. I am there a lot but don't sleep there yet, excited for April.
IWas given 2 gift vouchers as a gift for high tea at Rockliffe Hall in Hurworth Darlington and went with my friend today which was lovely.
I am a nanny and the little girl I currently look after enjoys non-stop crafts it's just one thing after the other. I find myself coming up with ideas extra to the craft kits you can pick up in shops such as Wilkinson s or Tesco s so thought maybe I could share just a few. Enjoy x
I was asked to write a poem for my drama group and this is what I came up with! hope you enjoy it!
Our church group threw us an engagement party and it was a fun time for all! Looking forward to wedding in April now!
I am currently doing a month of prayer and fasting with my church group and chose Facebook as my fast as I spend too much time on it!! I am a week in and already craving it...
Short story where young girl is killed, assumptions are made and correct killer is found with help from a dog called Charlie!
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